Originality and futuristic design are at the forefront of the Zinc Textile brand. Attractive, tactile and urban, Zinc draws its hedonistic inspiration from the style of the 1970s. From skillfully integrated collections in an essentially monochrome palette with accents of bright colors, Zinc presents a luxurious and versatile range of wall coverings and fabrics with unexpected elements that make unique collections.
Justin Marr is the creative head of the Zinc Textile brand. In 2008 Justin met Romo CEO Jonathan Mold and agreed to develop a new home textiles brand for men, Zinc Textile was launched in January 2010. Justin has long been fascinated by the glamorous and free style of the 1970s, like Roy Halston and René Gruau, which is reflected in the style of his most recent fabric collections and the furniture he has used for Zinc style from the start.