For your security, we use Paypal as an online payment method.

PayPal, the undisputed leader in online payment, allows buyers and sellers to send and receive payments online. PayPal account over 96 million accounts in 55 countries and regions around the world.

Is it a safe service?

PayPal attaches the utmost importance to the security of your information, your transactions and your money.

PayPal automatically encrypts confidential data that passes between your computer and the PayPal system using the SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) and with an encryption key length of 128 bits (the highest level currently). Before you even register or log in to our site, our server verifies that you are using an approved browser (using SSL 3.0 or later).

Why use PayPal?

* Make purchases or send payments with PayPal: it's free.
* Buy and pay in peace by registering your information with PayPal.
* PayPal is accepted by millions of merchants worldwide.

You can now open a Paypal account by clicking on the link below:


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